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Trouble on the Straits - Action Adventure story


Charley Manner’s retirement in the Florida Keys is full of surprises. A shark sinks his boat. A dead man with a treasure map bobs up out of nowhere. And a Cuban drug lord shows up demanding the map.


Charley’s training as a former Navy SEAL prepared him for dangerous situations but this may be more than he can handle alone. Join Charley on a raucous ride from the Keys to Cuba and back, as he battles with trouble on the straits.

Charley Manner Action Adventure Series Book #1

A fine murderous romp. Fast boats, deadly gunplay, and a gorgeous wench.

John Craggs - Member Emeritus at My Writers Circle

If you enjoy nautical adventures spiced with tequila, thrills and danger then this story is for you.

Geoff Nelder - Best Selling author of the ARIA Trilogy: Left Luggage

Meet a Great White shark with the personality of Moby Dick.

Temple Emmet Williams - Award winning author of Warrior Patient and the Heartbeat Series

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