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My writing is focused on the Action Adventure genre. The Charley Manner Series currently has three books with more to follow. Book #1, Trouble on the Straits, finds Charley in a fight for his life with a Great White shark, a Cuban Drug Cartel and a beautiful DEA agent. Well, maybe the 'fight' with the DEA agent is more like a battle of wits, spiced with some bedroom activity. Since Charley is ex-Navy as a hardened SEAL who barely finished his final tour in Afghanistan alive, I decided to write a prequel to TOTS titled Hellhole in Khyber. It will give you a better understanding of what makes Charley tick. Book #2 in the series brings more trouble on the Florida Straits. This time in the Deep Strait  halfway between Key West and Havana. The Gulf Stream flows through the area and plays a role in the challenge Charley faces in Deep Strait. And now, Book #3 in the series titled Canine Courage is scheduled for release this fall. You can preorder on Amazon at a special introductory price. Click the preorder button at the bottom of this page.

Anchor Hellhole
Hellhole in Khyber

ISBN-13: 978-1541075856 ASIN: B01N9XQR67

The events in this story take place two years before Trouble on the Straits, Book #1 in the Charley Manner Action Adventure series, and are based on fictional special operations missions in Afghanistan prior to U.S. troop withdrawal in 2014.


Charley Manner is separated from his SEAL team during an ambush in the Khyber Pass. His war dog, Spirit, is wounded and one mate is killed. A Spectre gunship is called in to thwart the ambushers, raining 105mm death and taking out the entire side of the mountain. The rest of the team is extracted under heavy fire from the Taliban fighters, leaving Charley behind and presumed dead. Captured and tortured by the Taliban, he is left to die in a hole filled with human excrement and rotting body parts, deep in a cave on a Spin Ghar mountain. But Charley has other ideas.

Anchor TOTS
Trouble on the Straits

ISBN-13: 978-0692447185 ASIN: B015RL35F8

Charley Manner's retirement in the Florida Keys is full of surprises. A shark sinks his boat. A dead man with a treasure map bobs up from nowhere. And a Cuban drug lord shows up demanding the map. Charley battles the drug cartel to rescue family and friends caught up in the drama, leading him across the Florida Straits, back to Cay Sal Bank where it all began. Charley's training as a former Navy SEAL prepared him for dangerous situations but this may be more than he can handle.

And the cartel is not the only danger Charley faces. The author amps up the pace with non-stop action, high-tech gadgets and weaponry only a SEAL could love, encounters with a man-eating shark and deadly creatures. Marnier combined a fish-fighting chair, a bottle of tequila, a Great White shark and a swash-buckling, ass-kicking former Navy SEAL for an action packed opening to this debut novel. Caution. After reading Trouble on the Straits, you might get hooked on the series.

Anchor Deep
Deep Strait

ISBN-13: 978-1091557123  ASIN: B07NVS29QL

Charley settles into a routine after rescuing DEA Agent Vicky Borne from the jaws of a twenty foot American Crocodile. And why not take a break? Finding diamonds worth ten million dollars stuffed inside a wahoo made life comfortable. He plans to savor it, to stay out of trouble. But all that changes when Vicky returns after a six month absence from Charley’s retirement life on Marathon Key.


Fully recovered from her abduction by Los Zetas drug lord Jose Guizarro and fresh from a rigorous training program with a DEA FAST team at Quantico, Vicky is anxious to apply her new skills, deliver some payback with prejudice. Charley and his buddy, Hawk Handy, are just the pair of ex-Navy SEALs to help her succeed. But maybe this time they will not be so fortunate. They stumble upon a secret transfer station forty miles south of Key West. What they find is far more dangerous than illegal drugs in a discontinued dumping ground just outside the U.S. exclusive economic zone. Thrust between a Mexican drug cartel and a Cuban terrorist group fighting for control of the underwater site and the dangerous material it stores, they find trouble in the Deep Strait.


Canine Courage

Charley Manner’s sister, Katie, is abducted by an old enemy who has reappeared, seeking revenge against Charley for interfering with his terrorist group’s plans to release radioactive waste in the Deep Strait forty miles south of Key West.


(see Deep Strait, Book #2 of the Charley Manner series and prequel, Hellhole in Khyber, for the full background)


Charley's warrior dog, Spirit, is on the case. She finds trouble on Big Pine Key, fifteen miles from home-base at Marathon Marina. She tracked Katie’s scent to an abandoned warehouse in the southern tip of the Key.


The action and danger is intense, but nothing a seasoned Belgian-Malinois Navy SEAL warrior dog can't handle.


Canine Courage is a non-stop thriller with many scenes narrated from the dog’s point of view. Find out what Spirit must overcome to save Katie and how she courageously protects everyone she loves. Written in Michael Marnier’s unputdownable style, the scenes fly by grabbing your interest until the story’s end.

Anchor Canine Courage
Marnier Mayhem copy.jpg
Marnier Mayhem
ASIN: B08222CD3W

A single eBook containing the first four books in the Charley Manner Action Adventure Series. Four books in one, at a deep discount. The stories begin as a prequel, Hellhole in Khyber, with Navy SEAL, Charley Manner, in his final tour in Afghanistan. After retiring from the SEALs and moving to the Florida Keys, he finds Trouble on the Straits, followed with more in the Deep Strait, forty miles south of Key West. The fourth book features his warrior dog, Spirit, where she demonstrates the Canine Courage of a retired but still very capable Military Working Dog, saving lives and biting the bad guys into submission. A fun series with many twists that will keep you reading nonstop to the end. Available as a box set at huge discount from what it would cost if purchased individually.

Anchor Marnier Mayhem
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